Research & Development

3Suns conducts research and development related to: 
1. Condensed Matter Quantum Physics - Novel Electronic Materials and Heterostructures
2. Thermal and Fluid Mechanics - Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Devices
3. Mechanical Power Development and Transfer - Automotive Applications
4. Electric Circuit Theory
For more information, please contact Dr. David Bahr at .
3Suns develops its own in-house technology ideas that are either licensed to manufacturers or used to aid in further research done by 3Suns.
Current in-house projects include: 
 CFD Optimized Hybrid Wind Turbine Rotor with Accessory Airfoil
CFD Optimized Radial Multiple-Rotor Turbine
CFD Optimized Vortex-Enhanced Wind Turbine Complete
SimpleCarTM Automotive Technology
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